Use of infatuation in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include infatuation at the start of sentence, infatuation at the end of sentence and infatuation in the middle of sentence

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infatuation at the end of sentence

  1. It isn't love, it's just a passing infatuation.
  2. Are you sure it's the real thing, not just infatuation?
  3. Limerance is the psychological state of deep infatuation.
  4. She said that sensible people weren't led astray by infatuation.
  5. I fully realized the futility of this enterprise, an unrequited obsession, a one-sided infatuation.

infatuation in the middle of sentence

  1. His infatuation blinded him to her faults.
  2. His infatuation with her lasted six months.
  3. It's just an infatuation. She'll get over it.
  4. His infatuation with Diane seemed to be growing.
  5. The infatuation will pass: better to let well alone.
  6. What seemed to be an infatuation is so different now.
  7. No one expected their infatuation with each other to last.
  8. Bardo said his infatuation with Schaeffer dominated his life.
  9. Shaw's infatuation with the actress is evident in his writing.
  10. She hoped that his ridiculous infatuation would soon wear off.
  11. This is only a passing infatuation, not to be taken too seriously.
  12. She realized that she felt fear as well as infatuation for this man.
  13. She tried to argue herself out of the infatuation, but without avail.
  14. But his lawyers say it was only an infatuation forced by circumstances.
  15. Ballantyne changed the subject back to his infatuation with hunting, firepower.
  16. He is the first frightening indication of Tokyo's apparent infatuation with rap.
  17. My infatuation with Dana did, however, bring a certain simplicity to my existence.
  18. Questions about his infatuation with the bar owner's wife were met by a stony stare.
  19. Think of infatuation as a biochemically induced, temporary, altered state of consciousness.
  20. She must steer clear of Matthew and then perhaps this ridiculous infatuation would wear off.
  21. I had liked to think that Richard Gott knew better, so his infatuation with Chavez is alarming.
  22. The whole matt black thing was good, classic design which grew out of the Seventies infatuation with high-tech.
  23. Was this the kind of total immersion in another person which Mortimer Harrison had undergone, in his unhealthy infatuation with her?
  24. The love between human and genie is the antetype of Chinese traditional literature, which expresses a kind of psychology of male's infatuation and fear to female in the society.

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