Use of induct in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include induct at the start of sentence, induct at the end of sentence and induct in the middle of sentence

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induct at the start of sentence

  1. Induct electric power cable , shell up the destine length.

induct in the middle of sentence

  1. She inducts Nina into the cult.
  2. He was inducted into a literary society.
  3. They were inducted into the skills of magic.
  4. Mr. John was inducted into the office of governor.
  5. On Sunday, the fraternity inducts the new pledges.
  6. Li Xiannian was inducted into the Politburo in 1956.
  7. He was formally inducted into the office of governor.
  8. His father inducted him into the secrets of the trade.
  9. 18 new junior ministers were inducted into the government.
  10. Barry was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1987.
  11. Many of the biggest names in rock have already been inducted.
  12. Six new members have been inducted into the Provincial Cabinet.
  13. He had been inducted into the church as a priest in the previous year.
  14. To induct the thought of ERP to medical service industries gives birth to HRP.
  15. This paper induct the major benefits of using spodumene in sanitaryware glaze.
  16. A flock of players form an organization, induct other player initiate ceaselessly.
  17. In New Cambridge economic growth model, we induct a new variable, technology labor.
  18. The 4 th, teach and manage a Party member, induct and breed the function of social elite.
  19. Prepares to accompany, the printing lyrics, and will accompany induct record the software.
  20. People are inducted into it just as they are socialized into nonpolitical roles and social systems.
  21. The enterprises, which induct information management , are little and which can practices it is less.
  22. Methods: To build up interior management mechanism and induct crisis management to the nursing management.
  23. The selected pictures induct the audience to understanding and interpreting news from particular perspectives.
  24. The supermarket must induct the chain - like management mechanism already for the ultra city line mutual recognition.
  25. But I believe that children need to be inducted into the tradition of reliving and rethinking moments of their lives.
  26. The best-selling boy band will induct Michael Jackson into the hall on March 19, their representative confirmed Tuesday.
  27. Ironically, the Iron Arrow participants were heading for the offices of Professor Heckerling, whom they planned to induct that day.
  28. Except for the ordinary meaning of vocabulary, teacher should induct students to concern other annex meanings using the research conclusion of lexics.

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