Use of holiday in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include holiday at the start of sentence, holiday at the end of sentence and holiday in the middle of sentence

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holiday at the start of sentence

  1. Holiday flights reach a peak during August.

holiday at the end of sentence

  1. Sunday is a regular holiday.
  2. Did you have a nice holiday?
  3. I asked my boss for a holiday.
  4. We had good weather on our holiday.
  5. We took adequate food for the holiday.
  6. The romance added spice to the holiday.
  7. The day was proclaimed a public holiday.
  8. Did you enjoy yourselves in your holiday?
  9. Have you any thoughts about our next holiday?
  10. Provided it's fine we will have a pleasant holiday.

holiday in the middle of sentence

  1. We'll go on holiday in May.
  2. We're going on holiday next month.
  3. Our holiday was spoiled by bad weather.
  4. We spent part of our holiday in France.
  5. The city is in a festive / holiday mood.
  6. Sunday is a holiday in Christian countries.
  7. The roads are clogged with holiday traffic.
  8. My memories of the holiday are rather hazy.
  9. Did you enjoy your holiday?—Anything but.
  10. This illness makes a mess of my holiday plans.
  11. I don't normally take my holiday in midsummer.
  12. He's on holiday in Africa, hunting for animals.
  13. They have wheedled a holiday from the headmaster.
  14. The package includes 20 days' paid holiday a year.
  15. We'll take our holiday sometime in August, I think.
  16. Some holiday destinations are positively dangerous .
  17. Spain is still our most popular holiday destination.
  18. They decided to postpone their holiday until next year.

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