Use of heavyweight in Sentences. 29 Examples

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heavyweight at the end of sentence

  1. He was a political heavyweight.
  2. Her extraordinary intelligence and speaking ability made her a political heavyweight.

heavyweight in the middle of sentence

  1. A heavyweight line-up at the Oxford Union.
  2. Ali fought Foreman for the heavyweight title.
  3. He's a former world heavyweight boxing champion.
  4. Mike Tyson was heavyweight champion of the world.
  5. He held the world heavyweight title until last year.
  6. He was a heavyweight boxer before he became an actor.
  7. The heavyweight clash goes ahead in Las Vegas on 8 May.
  8. The world heavyweight champion was defending his title .
  9. Viola Angotti could be heavyweight champion of the world.
  10. The former heavyweight champion was outwitted and outfought.
  11. The heavyweight champion will be given a shot at Holyfield's world title.
  12. As a result he is no longer undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.
  13. He's a former heavyweight champion and is expected to win the bout easily.
  14. In showing contempt for the heavyweight championship Douglas offended a stern code.
  15. He was a huge man in his early thirties who had been for a time a heavyweight boxer.
  16. They are like heavyweight boxers, trying to psych each other out and build themselves up.
  17. It would need more than a few exercises to turn a seven-stone weakling into a heavyweight boxer.
  18. But the heavyweight champions - as they always will - illuminated the image sent out to the public.
  19. Sometimes there were famous guests: heavyweight boxers, film actresses, war heroes, prime ministers.
  20. The pre-race hype had been worthy of any world heavyweight boxing match, on a par with Ali and Frazier.
  21. Lewis's win provided more than cosmetic surgery to the battered, punch-drunk features of heavyweight boxing.
  22. They met in Northampton for the first time ever before Saturday's offical world heavyweight title eliminator.
  23. He was a thug when he came off the streets with explosive fists to become the youngest heavyweight champ ever.
  24. World heavyweight boxing ends the year much as it started this year and almost every other year - in total chaos.
  25. Daler-Rowney has launched a new, heavyweight cartridge paper, which is acid-free and available in a selection of sizes.
  26. An Olympic gold medallist in 1960, Ali came to prominence shortly before his assumption of the world heavyweight title in 1964.
  27. The former world heavyweight champ was supposed to write a book documenting his prison experiences but clearly finds fiction more enjoyable.

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