Use of hazel in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include hazel at the start of sentence, hazel at the end of sentence and hazel in the middle of sentence

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hazel at the start of sentence

  1. Hazel stared, twitching his nose.
  2. Hazel sincerely believed Lambert did it.
  3. Hazel did not care for the look of the trees.
  4. Hazel struggled with his own incomprehension.
  5. Hazel knew whenever Muriel drew a deep breath.
  6. Hazel looked down at the road in astonishment.
  7. Hazel covered the distance down the slope in a few seconds.
  8. Hazel and his companions had been on the jump for nearly two days.
  9. Hazel denied its connection with gender but related it to her class origin.
  10. Hazel followed, leaving a dark track behind him over the silvered grass. 13.
  11. Hazel squatted on his haunches and stared at the orderly forest of small, glaucous trees with their columns of black-and-white bloom.

hazel at the end of sentence

  1. During this period, also, Alistair had grimly got engaged to hazel.

hazel in the middle of sentence

  1. Big, hazel eyes and cold, blue ones.
  2. She has a pale complexion and hazel eyes.
  3. Those hazel eyes, both dreamy and world-weary.
  4. 'What?' asked hazel, with a touch of irritation.
  5. Fiver made no reply and hazel paused in perplexity.
  6. She has brown hair, hazel eyes and a fresh complexion.
  7. Washing her clothes was no simple matter with hazel there.
  8. Freshly cut hazel can throw out branches 3m long in a season.
  9. I saw hazel Phillips the other day, and she didn't look very healthy.
  10. Pipkin, who looked round for hazel and then came over to wait beside him.
  11. The under storey was planted with hornbeam, hazel, silver birch and holly.
  12. The team are cutting back hazel bushes to ground level across two acres of woodland.
  13. They've been collecting shellfish: as they play, heir father stalks game among the hazel, oak and alder.
  14. In the How to series, hazel Richardson traces the development of scientific ideas and their applications.
  15. The messenger departed in search of witch hazel for his neck, leaving Blondel even more despondent than before.
  16. Her large hazel eyes bubbled with enthusiasm, but already there were the first crinkles of maturity appearing at their downcast corners.
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