Use of graze in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include graze at the start of sentence, graze at the end of sentence and graze in the middle of sentence

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graze at the end of sentence

  1. The sheep continued to graze.
  2. His knee stung from the graze.
  3. The cattle were turned out to graze.

graze in the middle of sentence

  1. I've got a graze on my leg.
  2. Dab the graze with antiseptic.
  3. The animals tend to graze in herd.
  4. It was a deep graze, but nothing more.
  5. The land is now being used to graze cattle.
  6. I saw a butterfly graze against the window.
  7. There was a raw graze across one cheekbone.
  8. Five cows graze serenely around a massive oak.
  9. They graze on the algae that grow on the coral.
  10. At low tide in the estuary, cows graze on the marshes.
  11. The land is used by local people to graze their animals.
  12. Their cattle would not be allowed to drink from it, or graze by it.
  13. There is good grassland here for your cattle and horses to graze on.
  14. He was back on Monday, with a graze on one cheek and perky as a parrot.
  15. For the most part the tangs are herbivorous and constantly graze algae.
  16. Adam walked away from the crash with just a graze on his left shoulder.
  17. This used to be common land, where everyone had the right to graze animals.
  18. The counselor would then electronically graze the 70 categorical pots of money.
  19. Villagers traditionally have the right to graze their cattle on the common land.
  20. Parents have been warned against allowing children to graze on sweets and snacks .
  21. Nobody walks on a slope like this for choice, only sheep, and they don't let sheep graze this lot.
  22. The graze along his cheekbone somehow managed to emphasise the tough, assured air he wore so easily.
  23. Cattle, herded down to it along drove-ways used from time immemorial, slowly graze across its moist levels.
  24. The 46,000 animals that graze on common land on Dartmoor may have to be destroyed, although not the area s ponies.
  25. Only if sheep graze a combination of rough grassland and heather moor will the grassland slowly extend at the expense of moorland.
  26. Watching badgers graze on bird cherries and elderberries in Gyhll Beck wood is certainly high on my list of happier wildlife experiences.

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