English words for girana

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1. batter girana
2. demolish girana
3. effuse girana
4. fling girana
5. grass girana
6. grasslike girana
7. lop girana
8. lopped girana
9. lopping girana
10. lower girana
11. shed girana
12. slop girana
13. slopped girana
14. slopping girana
15. throw girana



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aflatoxin -
مختلف ہمرشتہ مرکبات میں سے کوئی جو اسفر جلوس نامی پھپھوندے سے پیدا ہوتے ہیں
A potent carcinogen from the fungus Aspergillus; can be produced and stored for use as a bioweapon
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