Use of franco in Sentences. 29 Examples

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franco at the start of sentence

  1. Franco was fully aware of this.
  2. Franco, however, did not fit that mould.
  3. Franco never took major steps when in doubt.
  4. Franco remained unperturbed, even satisfied.
  5. Franco appeared on the balcony to receive the acclaim of his supporters.
  6. Franco had classical piano lessons for eight years until he was sixteen, and was self-taught on trumpet from seventeen.
  7. Franco said the elegant lobby will be available to rent for receptions, creating an extra source of income for the museum.
  8. Franco and his henchmen had undoubtedly allowed the monarchists to stand in the hope that they would be discredited by defeat.

franco at the end of sentence

  1. Moreover, neutrality favoured the internal political stability which, as we noted earlier, was of prime concern to franco.

franco in the middle of sentence

  1. For Francisco franco, the war now had a new meaning.
  2. He went in and franco, unbidden, poured him a whisky.
  3. At that point franco was desirous of prolonging the war.
  4. You know franco has a little tap hanging down under his tummy?
  5. "They were both great supporters of franco," Ryle volunteered.
  6. The dictatorship of General franco lasted for nearly 40 years.
  7. The parallel with Francisco franco scarcely needs pointing out.
  8. She remained loyal all her life to the things franco swept away.
  9. Like franco, Arrese was trying to hold back the march of history.
  10. But for today's legionnaires franco is little more than a footnote.
  11. Clearly, franco would stop at nothing to retain his hegemonic position.
  12. Socialist franco Reviglio, previously budget minister, was made finance minister.
  13. At the same time, he was totally loyal to franco and unlikely to seek Allied aid to bring back the monarchy.
  14. Sandy had to tell his tale in halting Italian. Since franco spoke no English, he had no choice in the matter.
  15. Michael Stich romped past franco Davin at the same stage before falling to Courier who was now well into his war dance.
  16. Thomas finished his career with 12,074 yards rushing, ninth on the all-time list and just 46 yards behind franco Harris.
  17. In preparation for the final victory which he believed would be his, franco nominated his first cabinet in January 1938.
  18. The difficulty this offered franco was that, to his authoritarian mentality, loosening control was synonymous with losing it.
  19. As the newspaper's special correspondent with franco and his troops, Philby had a watertight cover for his clandestine operations.
  20. For franco, the most problematical feature within the Nationalist zone was the continued existence of independent and competing political movements.

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