Use of fine in Sentences. 23 Examples

The examples include fine at the start of sentence, fine at the end of sentence and fine in the middle of sentence

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fine at the start of sentence

  1. Fine clothes make the man.
  2. Fine words dress ill deeds.
  3. Fine feathers make fair fowls.
  4. Fine feathers make Fine birds.
  5. Fine words butter no parsnips.
  6. Fine furniture graced the room.

fine at the end of sentence

  1. Everything new is fine.
  2. Any day of the week is fine.
  3. In theory, the scheme sounds fine.
  4. When I do a good workout, l feel fine.
  5. Offenders may be liable to a heavy fine.
  6. If they want to cross-dress that's fine.

fine in the middle of sentence

  1. Never trust of fine words.
  2. Never trust to fine words.
  3. That's a fine thing to say!
  4. The hall has a fine acoustic.
  5. It's going to be fine tomorrow.
  6. She abandoned law for the fine arts.
  7. This restaurant has a fine reputation.
  8. The fabric is very fine or frays easily.
  9. A fine perspective opened out before us.
  10. This street offers a fine vista of the cathedral.
  11. Everything was covered with a fine layer of dust.

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