Use of filbert in Sentences. 10 Examples

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filbert at the start of sentence

  1. Filbert brushes are less inclined to have a build up of colour at the edges and can be versatile.

filbert in the middle of sentence

  1. and sawdust and filbert husks to make red wine more astringent.
  2. It all happened in April 2002, when Villa visited filbert Street.
  3. The cost to produce single filbert product was significantly decreased.
  4. The technology of extracting filbert kernel oil by hydrolysis method is studied.
  5. Nut trees such as filbert, hazelnut and yellowhorn produce well with only sun in the morning.
  6. The filbert Street fans are not entirely happy despite Leicester's healthy position in the table.
  7. In the growth phase, the waterlogging experiment was carried out and the dynamic rule of filbert developing was mensurated.
  8. In the mountain area of the resort, there are four great valleys from north to south, pine-cloud valley, pear valley, pine valley and filbert valley.
  9. The databases can provide convenience for sufficient description, development, application and protecting rationally filbert genus germplasm resources.

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