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1) fight


The act of fighting; any contest or struggle.
They got into a terrible fight.
A fight broke out at the hockey game.
There was fighting in the streets.
The unhappy couple got into a terrible scrap.

2) fight


A hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war.
Grant won a decisive victory in the battle of Chickamauga.
He lost his romantic ideas about war when he got into a real engagement.

3) fight


Be engaged in a fight; carry on a fight.
The tribesmen fought each other.
Siblings are always fighting.
Militant groups are contending for control of the country.

4) fight


Fight against or resist strongly.
The senator said he would oppose the bill.
Don't fight it!
مزاحمت کرنا
مزاحمت یا مقابلہ کرنا

5) fight


An aggressive willingness to compete.
The team was full of fight.
مقابلہ کرنے کی اہلیت

6) fight


An intense verbal dispute.
A violent fight over the bill is expected in the Senate.
مخالفت کرنا

7) fight


Exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person; be an advocate for.
The liberal party pushed for reforms.
She is crusading for women's rights.
The Dean is pushing for his favorite candidate.
تحریک چلانا

8) fight


A boxing or wrestling match.
The fight was on television last night.
کشتی وغیرہ

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