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(Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US:
faint Urdu Meaning faint Urdu Meaning faint Urdu Meaning

1) faint


Pass out from weakness, physical or emotional distress due to a loss of blood supply to the brain.
She had fainted in room.
غش کھا جانا
بے ہوش ہو جانا

2) faint


A spontaneous loss of consciousness caused by insufficient blood to the brain.
بے ہوشی

3) faint

Deficient in magnitude; barely perceptible; lacking clarity or brightness or loudness etc.
A faint outline.
The wan sun cast faint shadows.
The faint light of a distant candle.
Weak colors.
A faint hissing sound.
A faint aroma.
A weak pulse.

4) faint

Lacking clarity or distinctness.
A dim figure in the distance.
Only a faint recollection.
Shadowy figures in the gloom.
Saw a vague outline of a building through the fog.
A few wispy memories of childhood.
غیر واضح

5) faint

Lacking strength or vigor.
Damning with faint praise.
Faint resistance.
Feeble efforts.
A feeble voice.

6) faint

Weak and likely to lose consciousness.
Suddenly felt faint from the pain.
Was sick and faint from hunger.
Felt light in the head.
A swooning fit.
Light-headed with wine.
Light-headed from lack of sleep.

7) faint

Lacking conviction or boldness or courage.
Faint heart ne`er won fair lady.

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