Use of expletive in Sentences. 21 Examples

The examples include expletive at the start of sentence, expletive at the end of sentence and expletive in the middle of sentence

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expletive at the start of sentence

  1. Expletive - laced language filled her head.
  2. Expletives are immediately deleted every time a piece of full-blooded dialogue is typed into its new system.

expletive at the end of sentence

  1. 'Damn' is an expletive.

expletive in the middle of sentence

  1. I mean, I just about ( expletive ) in my pants.
  2. We're not going to take this ( expletive ) any more.
  3. Please take your seats and shut the ( expletive ) up.
  4. Back in the paddock he was greeted by a stream of expletives.
  5. They insisted that all expletives be deleted from the article.
  6. There followed a groan of pain and a whole string of expletives.
  7. You could not print the exact words used, but there were expletives.
  8. If you're a basketball purist, that's the [expletive] you want to see.
  9. She dropped the book on her foot and let out a row/string of expletives.
  10. Aimless minutes of hand wringing and expletives, followed by resignation.
  11. He uttered several vigorous expletives when he dropped the iron on his foot.
  12. The youth obliged, adding a further string of expletives, just for good measure.
  13. With an expletive or two, Bianchi and Leahy ran to the corner to see where the leak was.
  14. But giant tubeworms are 6-foot-long expletives, shouts of brilliance, startling in their vivid simplicity and exposure.
  15. He smoked and drank heavily, and his language was rich in expletives even when mixing with senior diplomats and politicians.
  16. On Thursday Major Vanavskaya suffered her first serious set-back, let out a very unladylike expletive and slammed the phone down.
  17. An attractive hypothesis is that the activity of this region in man and monkey is related to emotional speech, especially expletives.
  18. Israeli windsurfing bronze medalist Shahar Zubari used a scatological expletive to describe the Chinese in an interview with the Yediot Ahronot daily on Friday.

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