Use of excommunicate in Sentences. 26 Examples

The examples include excommunicate at the start of sentence, excommunicate at the end of sentence and excommunicate in the middle of sentence

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excommunicate at the end of sentence

  1. To put under a ban or an anathema; excommunicate.

excommunicate in the middle of sentence

  1. He was excommunicated from the Pack.
  2. He was excommunicated from the church.
  3. You'd have us excommunicated and hanged inside a month.
  4. Eventually, he was excommunicated along with his mentor.
  5. Now, I insist that we call upon our bishop to excommunicate him!
  6. Its no longer possible to excommunicate someone already excommunicated.
  7. They could not enter the church, were excommunicated and were never to eat meat.
  8. Their church tells them it's wrong and, in fact, excommunicated Green years ago.
  9. But, do we excommunicate trained professionals, quality personnel, because of it?
  10. They say that local field workers now worry about being excommunicated by the Church.
  11. The church excommunicated him, and he gave them groats for pease , he excommunicated them.
  12. One influential local bishop warned that women who sought abortion would be excommunicated.
  13. The Chinese Christians, therefore, practically excommunicate themselves from their own clan.
  14. He was excommunicated in his early manhood from his synagogue on account of his unorthodox opinions.
  15. If Miguel were excommunicated, Careta would probably turn his back on him if he saw him on the street.
  16. The Church reacted to this stance with characteristic fury, threatening to excommunicate the president.
  17. Sfeir threatened - for the second time in a month - to excommunicate those refusing to lay down their arms.
  18. William was excommunicated in 1619 and Jacob in 1634, although he had already refused to kneel at communion in 1627.
  19. Most rulers and a few city councils did a little to protect Jews; Pope Clement threatened to excommunicate their persecutors.
  20. The logical result of excommunication was deposition, for an excommunicate bishop or king could not rule a diocese or kingdom.
  21. Father Georgi Kochetkov is a reformist priest who, after being excommunicated in 1997, has been received back into the church.
  22. When Ambrose heard of this he excommunicated Theodosius and refused to give him the sacraments until he had done public penance.
  23. For example, he holds that Saint Ambrose had no right to excommunicate the Emperor Theodosius after the massacre of Thessalonica.
  24. The second excommunicated all clergy who did homage to laymen for ecclesiastical possessions, as well as those who associated with them afterwards.
  25. The Vatican says it expects to excommunicate two men who were ordained as Catholic Bishops in China this week without the approval of Pope Benedict.

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