Use of enlighten in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include enlighten at the start of sentence, enlighten at the end of sentence and enlighten in the middle of sentence

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enlighten at the start of sentence

  1. Enlighten me about your plans for the future.
  2. Enlighten us about rock climbing. How the fuck does it actually work? You've been to college, I haven't. Intellectualize about this one for me.

enlighten at the end of sentence

  1. Should the function of children's television be to entertain or to enlighten?

enlighten in the middle of sentence

  1. I didn't try to enlighten him.
  2. Can you enlighten me on this issue?
  3. Can you enlighten her on this subject?
  4. It is necessary to enlighten the ignorant.
  5. A longing to enlighten her was strong in him.
  6. She didn't enlighten him about her background.
  7. I don't understand this. Could you enlighten me?
  8. Remember that it is you who refuse to enlighten me.
  9. Would you enlighten me on your plans for the future?
  10. Can you enlighten me if I don't know why you did so?
  11. Please favour [ enlighten ] me with your instructions.
  12. If you know what is wrong with her, please enlighten me.
  13. He didn't dare take it upon himself to enlighten her further.
  14. I hope the results of my research will enlighten my colleagues.
  15. It was an elite that believed its task was to enlighten the multitude.
  16. A few dedicated doctors have fought for years to enlighten the profession.
  17. I see teaching as an opportunity to enlighten students, not just inform them.
  18. Nobody seemed to be anxious to enlighten me about the events that led up to the dispute.
  19. She did not enlighten him, rang off and warned Ayling the police were going to question him.
  20. The wife and that Beijing girls jumped enlighten, was called a bottle of American agave liquor.
  21. They enlighten us on the mystery, we are grateful to them, we trust them and then we buy their product.
  22. Only interviews with the prime suspects could enlighten us now but, instead, they served to confuse still further.
  23. To enlighten the community orientation further, one can assess the degree of intensity found in the commitment to the community.
  24. All the great politicians of the time came to lecture and enlighten us as to the possible benefits that Independence would bring.
  25. When a breakfast cereal company expanded its business abroad, it had to enlighten consumers about dry cereal and cold breakfasts.

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