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(Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US:

1) endemic


A disease that is constantly present to a greater or lesser degree in people of a certain class or in people living in a particular location.
مقامی، علاقائی مرض

2) endemic


Of or relating to a disease (or anything resembling a disease) constantly present to greater or lesser extent in a particular locality.
Diseases endemic to the tropics.
Endemic malaria.
Food shortages and starvation are endemic in certain parts of the world.
علاقائی مرض سے متعلق

3) endemic


Native to or confined to a certain region.
The islands have a number of interesting endemic species.
کسی خاص جگہ کا رہائشی

4) endemic

Originating where it is found.
The autochthonal fauna of Australia includes the kangaroo.
Autochthonous rocks and people and folktales.
Endemic folkways.
The Ainu are indigenous to the northernmost islands of Japan.
کسی خاص جگہ پایا جانے والا

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