Use of encompass in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include encompass at the start of sentence, encompass at the end of sentence and encompass in the middle of sentence

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encompass at the end of sentence

  1. It will have changed more than even the most outrageous thinking is likely to encompass.
  2. To achieve electoral success, pragmatic parties might shift their position or expand the range of viewpoints they encompass.

encompass in the middle of sentence

  1. The most magical moments encompass both.
  2. They built a moat to encompass the castle.
  3. The course will encompass physics, chemistry and biology.
  4. It also seems to be so wide in scope that it could encompass almost anything.
  5. The role of the teacher could be expanded to encompass the role of researcher.
  6. A view of the east coast bays will encompass many miles and always a huge sky.
  7. The solutions encompass a wide range of options to suit all tastes and pockets.
  8. Her hauntingly beautiful face seemed to perfectly encompass the vulnerability of adolescence.
  9. One more step and she would be confronted by its face - a face that would encompass her own death.
  10. The first four symptoms encompass the six Manning criteria for diagnosing irritable bowel syndrome.
  11. Peter had no vocabulary in his head with which to encompass the scope of his loathing for that man.
  12. The worlds they encompass read end to end don't add up or line up along a single straight trajectory.
  13. In the schools we are visiting the walls are pushed out to encompass the world around them in multiple ways
  14. The festival is to encompass everything from music, theatre and ballet to literature, cinema and the visual arts.
  15. In addition, the Institute's own regulatory processes were extended to encompass new responsibilities in audit review.
  16. However, it is expected to encompass all civil originating processes by the time the system is fully implemented in 2002.
  17. All too often the outside researcher pursues lines of enquiry which the prevailing culture manages to encompass and nullify.
  18. Its view of itself as strictly an object database engine provider has changed to encompass solutions, migration and gateways.
  19. Moreover, students in colleges encompass a wide age range and exhibit very varying academic abilities and communication skills.
  20. Teams may be outside or cross the conventional boundaries of the business and encompass business partners, suppliers or customers.
  21. Studies using this method are more intensive and less extensive since they encompass more of the nuances specific to each country.
  22. Reactions to change have tended to involve attempts to encompass new approaches within existing frameworks of practice and thinking.
  23. Altogether it will encompass 64 talks, workshops and open studios by artists looking at the subject from their own cultural dimension.
  24. Modern marketing departments usually encompass sales, marketing research, advertising and promotion, customer services and product development.
  25. The scrutiny has spread to encompass questions about how Clinton relatives and others with special access may have influenced the pardon process.
  26. The language and procedures for dealing with that alienation encompass conflict and confrontation at the expense of planned purposeful strategies.
  27. Responsibilities will encompass close liaison with hospital physicians, trial initiation and monitoring of clinical trials to Good Clinical Practice standard.

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