Use of empathy in Sentences. 28 Examples

The examples include empathy at the start of sentence, empathy at the end of sentence and empathy in the middle of sentence

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empathy at the start of sentence

  1. Empathy was crucial for managing diversity among subordinates.
  2. Empathy is another crucial ingredient when establishing rapport.
  3. Empathy for the criminal's childhood misery does not imply exoneration of the crimes he committed as an adult.

empathy at the end of sentence

  1. You have a creative streak-very dangerous when coupled with empathy.
  2. As you increase the limit setting, you need to increase your empathy.
  3. Furthermore, developmental psychologists found evidence that self-recognition correlates with empathy.

empathy in the middle of sentence

  1. He felt the empathy between them.
  2. She had great empathy with people.
  3. I felt a very real empathy for it.
  4. They feel empathy for what he felt.
  5. She had a deep empathy with animals.
  6. The mother feels empathy with her son.
  7. But his empathy for his characters shines through.
  8. The men I spoke with also talked of empathy, however.
  9. I felt real empathy for my mother and what she had been through.
  10. There is a strange empathy between the old lady and her grandson.
  11. What she probably needs much more is your empathy and appreciation.
  12. They could combine their compassion and empathy with being helpful.
  13. It is important to develop the empathy between dogs and their handlers.
  14. And, of course, empathy creates a closeness between you and your child.
  15. Demonstrate your empathy and understanding of your children's problems.
  16. The nurse should try to develop empathy between herself and the patient.
  17. That's why empathy created the first skincare range specially for women over forty.
  18. Having begun my life in a children's home I have great empathy with the little ones.
  19. I understand better now why Dombey and Son should have moved me to such deeply felt empathy for poor Florence!
  20. This helps to develop empathy - the ability to see things from the other's point of view in addition to one's own.
  21. Perhaps arising from the close personal comradeship of those war years was Basil's empathy with ordinary working folk.
  22. Her personal experience with invalidism and long confinement in a sanatorium gave her an empathy for her patients not common among physicians.

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