Use of drilling in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include drilling at the start of sentence, drilling at the end of sentence and drilling in the middle of sentence

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drilling at the start of sentence

  1. Drilling is due to start early next year.
  2. Drilling will continue on the site to assess the dimensions of the new oilfield.
  3. Drilling regulations, too, have been loosened to speed the development of the fields.

drilling at the end of sentence

  1. The soldiers were all out drilling.
  2. He was rudely awakened by the sound of drilling.
  3. They had accidentally damaged a gas pipe while drilling.

drilling in the middle of sentence

  1. They were drilling through solid rock.
  2. The drilling troops mustered on the hill.
  3. The sergeant was drilling the new recruits.
  4. They're drilling for oil off the Irish coast.
  5. They're drilling a new tunnel under the Thames.
  6. The company is drilling for oil in the North Sea.
  7. We watched the soldiers drilling on the parade ground.
  8. After months of drilling, oil was found off the coast.
  9. The air-raid alarm went on drilling away from the gate.
  10. If they strike oil, drilling will begin early next year.
  11. No further exploration drilling is planned for this year.
  12. After drilling for several weeks they finally struck oil.
  13. She was drilling the class in the forms of the past tense.
  14. The new drilling equipment has been on order for several weeks.
  15. They obtained information about the rock by drilling boreholes.
  16. New recruits are often broken in by repeated drilling on the square.
  17. She felt the reverberation in her chest and cursed the drilling outside.
  18. The decision to allow more offshore oil drilling angered some Californians.
  19. Extensive exploration was carried out using the latest drilling technology.
  20. This new model of drilling machine can bore through solid rock ten metres deep.
  21. A group of senators plans to filibuster a measure that would permit drilling in Alaska.
  22. For those uninitiated in scientific ocean drilling, the previous record was a little over 4 km.
  23. Yuki is working up an in - home phonics program slated for Thursdays , and I'm drilling her on English conversation at dinnertime.

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