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drabber meaning in Urdu

(Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US:

1) drabber


A dull greyish to yellowish or light olive brown.
زیتونی رنگ سا

2) drabber

Lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise.
Her drab personality.
Life was drab compared with the more exciting life style overseas.
A series of dreary dinner parties.
غیر پرکشش
بے لطف

3) drabber

Lacking brightness or color; dull.
Drab faded curtains.
Sober Puritan grey.
Children in somber brown clothes.
کم روشنی
ہلکے رنگ کا

4) drabber

Of a light brownish green color.
ہلکا بادامی اور ہرا رنگ

5) drabber

Causing dejection.
A blue day.
The dark days of the war.
A week of rainy depressing weather.
A disconsolate winter landscape.
The first dismal dispiriting days of November.
A dark gloomy day.
Grim rainy weather.
شدید طور پر مایوس
بے کس

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