Urdu meanings, examples and pronunciation of crazy

crazy meaning in Urdu

(Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US:

1) crazy

Intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with.
He is wild about laptop.
What, he is wild about you?
He is wild about iPhone.
He is crazy about her.
کسی کا دیوانہ
کسی کے پیچھے پاگل

2) crazy


Someone deranged and possibly dangerous.
پاگل اور خطرناک

3) crazy

Affected with madness or insanity.
A man who had gone mad.
She has gone mad in his love.
بد حواس

4) crazy

Possessed by inordinate excitement.
The crowd went crazy.
Was crazy to try his new bicycle.

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