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away meaning in Urdu

(Pronunciation -تلفظ سنیۓ ) US:

1) away

Not present; having left.
He's away right now.
You must not allow a stranger into the house when your mother is away.
غیر موجود

2) away


From a particular thing or place or position (`forth' is obsolete).
Ran away from the lion.
Wanted to get away from there.
Sent the children away to boarding school.
The teacher waved the children away from the dead animal.
Went off to school.
They drove off.
Go forth and preach.

3) away


From one's possession.
He gave out money to the poor.
Gave away the tickets.
دے دینا

4) away


Out of the way (especially away from one's thoughts).
Brush the objections aside.
Pushed all doubts away.
ایک طرف

5) away


At a distance in space or time.
The boat was 5 miles off (or away).
The party is still 2 weeks off (or away).
Away back in the 18th century.

6) away


In a different direction.
Turn aside.
Turn away one's face.
Glanced away.
دوسری جانب

7) away


In reserve; not for immediate use.
Started setting aside money to buy a car.
Put something by for her old age.
Has a nest egg tucked away for a rainy day.
مستقبل کے لئے جمع کرنا

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