Use of arbitrary in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include arbitrary at the start of sentence, arbitrary at the end of sentence and arbitrary in the middle of sentence

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arbitrary at the start of sentence

  1. Arbitrary age discrimination can affect everyone.
  2. Arbitrary arrests and detention without trial were common.

arbitrary at the end of sentence

  1. My choice is always arbitrary.
  2. My choice was quite arbitrary.
  3. The decision is to some extent arbitrary.
  4. What guided your choice of destination or was it arbitrary?
  5. The amount by which one changes weights is somewhat arbitrary.
  6. The choice of players for the team seems completely arbitrary.
  7. The choice of players for the team seemed completely arbitrary.
  8. Sometimes an action or object has a meaning in this dimension that is quite arbitrary.
  9. He lived so much within his own head that the times at which he ate and slept were entirely arbitrary.

arbitrary in the middle of sentence

  1. You make an arbitrary choice.
  2. You can make an arbitrary choice.
  3. The rules seemed arbitrary and inflexible.
  4. He makes unpredictable, arbitrary decisions.
  5. Before, it had justified their arbitrary rule.
  6. A good judge does not make arbitrary decisions.
  7. But these images were not arbitrary, let alone trivial.
  8. The company has been the subject of an arbitrary take-over.
  9. Patriotism is a arbitrary veneration of real estate above principles.
  10. Instead, the probabilities would have to be assigned in some arbitrary way.
  11. Opponents of the regime had been subject to arbitrary detention, torture and execution.
  12. Essentiality is a somewhat arbitrary and relative term when it comes to the food value of treats.
  13. Why not something else equally apparently arbitrary, such as blowing bubbles, or dropping pebbles?
  14. The arbitrary rule restricting profit to a 10% margin applying to service companies would not operate.
  15. Swallowtails, woodpeckers and many other creatures all show how Nature can change in an arbitrary way.
  16. Prisoner after prisoner has complained about the arbitrary way in which the prison regulations are enforced.
  17. Any judicial act of line-drawing may seem somewhat arbitrary, but Roe was a reasoned statement, elaborated with great care.
  18. As we have indicated earlier, though, the dynamic of administrative reform seems to have been fairly arbitrary in terms of central government.

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