Use of appointee in Sentences. 17 Examples

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appointee at the end of sentence

  1. Supplier - The lead supplier representative is to be the project manager or manager appointee.
  2. The choice of Bernanke , an accomplished scholar, apparently reflected Bush's acceptance of the public's expectation appointee.
  3. That method of personnel management was supposed to have ended in 1991 under then-Customs Commissioner Carol Hallett, a Republican appointee.

appointee in the middle of sentence

  1. I am a New appointee! Please look after much!
  2. Each boss the hope appointee be quick to do a result.
  3. With another task force appointee, Spitzer gave it a go.
  4. The new appointee will be working closely with both departments.
  5. YB Zulhasnan is just a political appointee of the lame duck Prime Minister.
  6. The appointee will also use our technology platform to assist with data management and control.
  7. Ronald Reagan appointee, was on the panel that unanimously upheld the gas chamber ban Wednesday.
  8. Another appointee might have seen the ideological struggle about money for the arts as politics-as-usual.
  9. Hatch started off demonizing a Clinton appointee who let four likely cocaine dealers free on an iffy technicality.
  10. Bustamante said he considers the prospective appointee a friend but no more than other applicants for the position.
  11. Federal appeals judge Alex Kozinski, a Ronald Reagan appointee, recently attacked the legal machinery of capital punishment.
  12. Lobbyists have focused attention on commissioner Michael Dunn , a Democratic appointee ,(.com/appointee.html) like Mr Gensler.
  13. The new president's appointee for Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Michele Flournoy, was asked about that at her Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday.
  14. Some members of Congress are demanding Obama drop his appointee for assistant deputy secretary of education, Kevin Jennings, because he is an activist for gay rights.

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