Use of abstraction in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include abstraction at the start of sentence, abstraction at the end of sentence and abstraction in the middle of sentence

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abstraction at the start of sentence

  1. Abstraction is a wonderful property of the human mind, which has given rise both to language and to modern science.

abstraction at the end of sentence

  1. The idea of redness is an abstraction.
  2. Such figures are too vast an abstraction.
  3. Come forth from slumbers of thy cold abstraction.
  4. Language operates at various levels of abstraction.
  5. But what concrete reality lies behind that abstraction?
  6. Later wall engravings of women show even more symbolic abstraction
  7. His seeking for single solutions coarsened his thinking and sank into abstraction.
  8. She was one of Britain's best-loved painters, whose art moved over six decades from semi-cubism towards pure abstraction.

abstraction in the middle of sentence

  1. "Third World" is an abstraction, a form of shorthand.
  2. She was gazing in abstraction at the far corner of the room.
  3. His abstraction was so deep that he did not eat for two days.
  4. Some refuted the differentiation between abstraction and figuration.
  5. He wore a look of abstraction and I knew his thoughts ware far away.
  6. The meaningless abstraction bespattered political and theoretical books.
  7. She rocked the baby gently, gazing in abstraction at the flickering fire.
  8. The children are trying to get the abstraction of the juice from an orange.
  9. Is it worth fighting a big war, in the name of an abstraction like sovereignty?
  10. After the abstraction of the juice from the orange, only a tasteless pulp is left.
  11. Among other things, they remind you that abstraction had its roots in spirituality.
  12. In economics, its use is a blend of two ideas, abstraction and pure problem-solving.
  13. Reflective abstraction is internal thought or reflection based on available knowledge.
  14. Reflective abstraction always involves an abstraction from a lower level to a higher level.
  15. Greenfield takes this to be further evidence of the greater degree of abstraction being learnt in schools.
  16. In practical curatorial terms the abstraction of software is, in any event, something of a pseudo-problem.
  17. It will do this by lining them, piping water underground and, in extreme cases, revoking abstraction licences.
  18. It looks as if the concept of the isolated gene as a unit of selection is an idealized abstraction from reality.
  19. It was then but an intellectual elision to view abstraction as the purest of all styles, since it depicted nothing at all.
  20. The results are exquisite-moving from ballads and other composed pieces through different grades of abstraction to total collective improvisation.

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