Use of Moustache in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include Moustache at the start of sentence, Moustache at the end of sentence and Moustache in the middle of sentence

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Moustache at the end of sentence

  1. The man twirled his Moustache.
  2. He's shaved off his Moustache.
  3. He kept twirling his Moustache.
  4. He had a long droopy Moustache.
  5. He's trying to grow a Moustache.
  6. His lips are roofed by a Moustache.
  7. His father shaved off his Moustache.
  8. His teeth gleamed under his Moustache.
  9. Groucho Marx had a thick black Moustache.
  10. He was short and bald and had a Moustache.
  11. Her fiance sported a neat ginger Moustache.
  12. He shaved off his beard but kept his Moustache.
  13. He has decided to grow a beard and a Moustache.
  14. Her fiance & 1 & sported a neat ginger Moustache.
  15. She leant forward and tweaked both ends of his Moustache.
  16. A trick of the light made it look like she had a Moustache.
  17. He was white, with brown shoulder-length hair and a Moustache.

Moustache in the middle of sentence

  1. He stroked his Moustache thoughtfully.
  2. His Moustache prickled when he kissed me.
  3. It'sa pity you shaved your Moustache off.
  4. His grey Moustache bristled with importance.
  5. An enormous black Moustache drooped over his mouth.
  6. The beginnings of a Moustache showed on his upper lip.
  7. The man's heavy Moustache hid his upper lip completely.
  8. I had to wear a black Moustache and false nose for the role.
  9. Whether I've got a Moustache or not it's all the same to me.
  10. When he put on the wig and false Moustache I could have died.
  11. He had a weak mouth which he hid beneath a Moustache and beard.
  12. Mid-fifties, short black hair, grey Moustache, distinctive Russian accent. Need I go on?

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