Use of Millet in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include Millet at the start of sentence, Millet at the end of sentence and Millet in the middle of sentence

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Millet at the start of sentence

  1. Millet is cultivated on some farms here.
  2. Millet was still the primary cereal crop.
  3. Millet continued to grieve for his wife for many years after her death.
  4. Millet grinned and stepped out on to the landing and behind him the door slammed cheerfully.
  5. Millet and I were the first to check that tower, after Falconer's body was discovered by a guard.
  6. Millet had played the images game on the pavement outside, had anticipated a tousled woman who wore badges of failure.

Millet at the end of sentence

  1. Somebody lined him up, and that somebody is no friend of mine, Mr Millet.
  2. Breadcrumb recipes are welcome but why not stretch to bulgur, rice, Millet?

Millet in the middle of sentence

  1. We grew maize, Millet and beans.
  2. My Millet all bundled and stacked.
  3. I have sown the Millet in this plot.
  4. The maize and Millet were just putting forth ears.
  5. I also resented the way Millet was simpering at me.
  6. Mother cooked easily digestible Millet mash at noon.
  7. Evening: boil shredded radish carp balls , Millet gruel.
  8. Agricultural production of wheat, maize, Millet, rich tobacco, pepper.
  9. Throwing down his scythe he scooped up some Millet and straightened up.
  10. They had a home in town and a mountain estate of orchards and Millet fields in the village.
  11. The first was a thump thump thump, reminiscent of the women pounding Millet back in Mbarara.
  12. Next came the Millet crop, which was spread out to dry before being stored in vats and barrels.
  13. The far edge of the acacia grove was bordered by a shoulder-high wall topped by woven Millet stalks.
  14. The fragrance of new Millet drifted up on a southwestern breeze, reminding him that harvest was approaching.
  15. That increased his anxiety: having planted two acres of Millet, he had been looking forward to a good harvest.
  16. Maybe the Dakota appeals to you -- a whole wheat bread with Millet, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds added.
  17. Their carbohydrates come in part from wheat, and in the North from Millet, while rice predominates in the South.
  18. It offered Alan Millet little protection from the rain that drove across the street and battered against his body.
  19. The road cut through a vast cropland, with waist-high corn and sorghum nearby and waves of golden Millet in the distance.
  20. You can obtain starches from breads and crispbreads made with non-wheat flour, and other starchy foods such as Millet and rice.
  21. Traditionally, rain-fed terraces are constructed on steeper slopes in the Middle Mountains for the production of maize, Millet and buckwheat.

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