Use of tidy up in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include tidy up at the start of sentence, tidy up at the end of sentence and tidy up in the middle of sentence

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tidy up at the start of sentence

  1. Tidy up the room.
  2. Tidy up your room. And don't forget to make your bed!
  3. Tidy up the room and plump up the cushions to get ready for our guests.
  4. Tidy up: A demolition site in a Wear Valley village is to be tidied and grassed over.
  5. Tidy up borders, but wait until spring before taking dead foliage off herbaceous plants, as it protects new shoots.

tidy up at the end of sentence

  1. Magda immediately began to tidy up.
  2. Stop farting about and help me tidy up.
  3. Automatically she stooped to retrieve the spilled things, to tidy up.

tidy up in the middle of sentence

  1. Let's tidy up the room.
  2. I must just tidy up a bit.
  3. It's your turn to tidy up the room.
  4. Be sure to tidy up before going out.
  5. They usually like to tidy up their own mess.
  6. You'd better tidy up before the guests arrive.
  7. Day 15 tidy up boats, cafe breakfast, bus to airport.
  8. Beautiful. Please tidy up my eyebrows and darken them.
  9. When you cook, could you please tidy up after yourself.
  10. You're supposed to tidy up, so stop shirking and do it!
  11. Let's tidy up and make the house a bit more presentable .
  12. Thou shalt tidy up thine own mess, wherever it comes from.
  13. He tried to tidy up, not wanting the maid to see the disarray.
  14. The car went racing on while the friends tried to tidy up the mess.
  15. I was just going to tidy up the kitchen, but you've beaten me to it.
  16. Alice had forgotten she had meant to tidy up, said she would, tomorrow.
  17. It was part of a local scheme to tidy up the streets around Piccadilly.
  18. Remove the boxes and Plasticine, and tidy up the rough edges, using a craft knife.
  19. Nobody was allowed in Judy's bedroom to tidy up, so it was in a permanent state of chaos.
  20. The kitchen was also easier to tidy up as there were no dishes heaped on the draining board.
  21. So come on, Boothferry Council and Hargreaves, by all means tidy up the village, but don't exterminate it.

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