Use of give back in Sentences. 29 Examples

The examples include give back at the start of sentence, give back at the end of sentence and give back in the middle of sentence

give back at the start of sentence

  1. Give back my cap!
  2. Give back the line!
  3. Give back the book to Tom.
  4. Give back there. The express is due.
  5. Give back all what we still owe to him.

give back at the end of sentence

  1. Whatever Mike took, he was always sure to give back.

give back in the middle of sentence

  1. How can I give back to others?
  2. Please give back my dictionary.
  3. You have to give back what you don't use.
  4. When can you give back the money that you owe?
  5. Joshua forgot to give back the things he borrowed.
  6. I must call at the library to give back this book.
  7. But a gift we can give back to God again and again.
  8. Please give back my note book which was taken by mistake.
  9. I had to give back a portion of the dowry after the divorce.
  10. I must give back the two books to the library before Friday.
  11. There naturally arises a deep hunger to give back to the world.
  12. The student who will graduate should give back the academic gown first.
  13. Even Woodrow Wilson Couldn 't give back Birth Place of Confucius back to Us.
  14. Regardless of the undertow of danger, Johnnie would not give back the diaphragm case.
  15. Fiercely individualistic, Texas would just as soon give back the Alamo as institute a state tax.
  16. Lee explained to me that generally, the Bride's parents are expected to give back some of the Bride Price.
  17. Some IFAs-known as discount brokers-will give back part or all of the commissions they receive from the provider.
  18. The company paid the workers the minimum rate of $4.86 an hour, but coerced some to give back half their pay in cash.
  19. Hear, O Israel, you join battle this day against your enemies, let not your heart be dismayed, be not afraid, do not give back, fear ye them not.
  20. The betrayer locked himself in Hikm, blocked the sea-lane, destroyed the portal which lead to town and refused to give back the Amulet of Necromancy .
  21. So we want them to get the message: send the Marbles back if they could give back to India, they can certainly empty one room in the British Museum into wing-room.
  22. Before give back like bath side sing snow in red inside bathroom, his singing if deserve to be called euphonious, that use nail row blackboard de voice call nature sounds.
  23. And since yesterday was the third Monday in January, it was also Martin Luther King Day. For a lot of people, it's a day on, not a day off; a time to give back to their communities.

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